Martinez Middle School

2020-2021 Car Pick Up Procedures

    • All families will be assigned a numbered hangtag that MUST be displayed on rearview mirror of car as they enter the carline

    • Students will need to memorize their hangtag number in order to expedite the pickup process

    • Upon dismissal, students will wait in designated area on the sidewalk until their number is called

    • Once student’s number is heard, student will proceed to the numbered cone that corresponds to their number and wait for their car to pull up and come to complete stop

    • Once students at ALL cones are in the car safely, ALL cars move forward at same time

    • Cars that are not loaded at that time will park in the parking lot and once student arrives they will be escorted across crosswalk

    • Student must stay alert in order to hear their number!

NOTE: We will be issuing tags today 8/31 and tomorrow 9/1 during the carline. Please have photo ID ready.